Purity Report Recovery Groups

We are excited to partner with Jayson Graves and Healing for the Soul to offer telephone-based recovery groups. They are confidential, convenient and effective!

Jayson served as a national Program Director & Keynote Speaker of New Life Ministries’ Every Man's Battle intensive workshops for three years. He also serves as Secretary on the board of directors for Exodus International, is a member of ISAAC and SASH and the Founder and Host of The Blazing Grace Show and Host of PurePassion TV. Jayson's professional oversight provides the best possible environment for those who are serious about breaking free from sexual addiction.

If you have not been able to break free from compulsive sexual sin, we strongly urge you to make an investment in yourself and your family. Join a group, get accountable and get the help you need to walk in sexual integrity.

For questions, email us at groups@purityreport.com or call Shelly with Healing for the Soul at 719-590-7685.

Contact us to visit a group as our guest today! There is no obligation.

A group is currently forming on Thursdays at 6:30pm Eastern (3:30pm Pacific). Be sure to indicate that you are interested in the purityreport.com Recovery Group.
Group Format:
  • Led by trained Christian therapists with years of experience in the area of sexual addiction and recovery
  • A confidential and safe environment is strictly maintained
  • Gender-specific - no mixed gender groups
  • Open to men only at this time. If you are a woman interested in joining a group please contact us
  • Distinctly Christ-centered and grace-based group that use Christian twelve steps as a curriculum only
  • Feedback among group members is encouraged to keep each other honest
  • Commitment based - accountability to group completion requirements are firmly and gracefully fulfilled
  • Detailed group format can be found here

Completion Requirements:
  • Weekly attendance of the teleconference group
  • Completion of the twelve steps workbook as outlined in the program materials
  • Individual therapy/coaching at least once per month to provide highest quality work and maximum accountability (not included in group cost)
  • At-your-own pace: 9-12 months can be a typical range for group members to complete the steps workbook - this will vary depending on your pace

More details about group requirements can be found in the Group Agreement Form.

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